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Błędów residents restore a Jewish cemetery

This week has marked the start of restoration works in the Jewish cemetery in Błędów. Overgrown bushes and rubbish will be removed.

Błędów is a village near Grójec in the Mazowsze region. Jews comprised a significant part of the entire population. In the mid-19th century, it was the base of the court of the Tzaddik Jakow Icchak, the son of Chaim Meir Jechiel from Mogielnica. Błędów Jews perished during the Holocaust. The Jewish cemetery on Nowy Świat Street is the only legacy they left behind. It still remains unknown what happened to the cemetery during the war. Over the course of the following decades, it was systematically devastated. The necropolis served as a gravel pit, and Jewish headstones were used for constructing houses, barns and simple grinding disks.


In 1996, the Community Committee for the Restoration of the Jewish Cemetery in Błędów was set up by the local vet Józef Grudząż and Danish citizens Krzysztof Lubowiedzki and Rabbi Tom Trier. Having obtained financial support from the Błędów municipality, the Committee managed to fence and restore the cemetery. Several dozen fragments of matzevos that were discovered in the village were brought back to the cemetery. Since then, the graveyard has been systematically cleaned on the request of the Municipal Secretary Jacek Adamski.

Błędów is yet another illustrative example of the involvement of locals to take care of Jewish cemeteries. Błędów inhabitants did not wait for any help from Jewish organisations. Instead, they resolved to look after burial sites of their former neighbours on their own.