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US volunteers will restore a Jewish cemetery in Zambrów

US volunteers have visited Zambrów to clean the Jewish cemetery for the second time. It marks another stage of the restoration of this necropolis. US visitors will start working this Saturday.


Since Friday, July 5th, 2013, Zambrów has been hosting nineteen volunteers and a caretaker from the United States. The guests started working in the Jewish cemetery on Tuesday. Shortly after their arrival in Zambrów, they met with the Mayor Kazimierz Dąbrowski. Last Saturday, the volunteers participated in workshops about the history of Podlasie Jews. The lectures were run by a specialist in Jewish studies, Anna Kloza. The volunteers have left for Treblinka and Tykocin today.

The project of the cemetery’s restoration has been launched by the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage (FODŻ) together with The Matzevah Foundation. This year, FODŻ plans to start building a fence around the cemetery, which is due to be finished next summer. In all probability, a collection of stone monuments with inbuilt fragments of matzevos will be erected.

Last year, a group of US volunteers restored the Jewish cemetery. They removed bushes and plants which covered the headstones. Additionally, a memorial plaque funded by The Matzevah Foundation and Michael H. Traison Fund for Poland was officially unveiled. The ceremony was attended by the representatives of local authorities, Jewish communities, Catholic delegates, Zambrów inhabitants and guests from Warsaw and the USA. The plaque, which is located at the cemetery gate, on Łomżyńska Street, commemorates three thousand Zambrów Jews, who comprised a half of the town’s entire population before the outbreak of the Second World War.