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A presentation of the reprint of the Kalisz Statute

On March 7th, at 5pm, a meeting entitled ‘Pochylając się nad Statutem’ will be held in the lecture room at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Kalisz, during which a reprint of the Kalisz Statute illustrated by the artist Artur Szyk will be inaugurated.


The event will be attended by the Mayor of Kalisz and Prof. Szewach Weiss, former Israeli ambassador to Poland and an honorary citizen of Kalisz and other guests. The meeting will be supported by an exhibition about the Kalisz Statute’s pages illuminated by Artur Szyk.  

The Statute of Kalisz was issued by Duke Bolesław Pobożny in 1264, granting the Jewish community the freedom of religion, economic freedom, and allowing them to form communities. Under the document Jews enjoyed property, health and life security.  It was in force for over five hundred years, until the Polish Kingdom lost its independence.

For Artur Szyk, a Polish-Jewish artist, the Statute of Kalisz became a symbol of the golden era in the history of two nations living side by side for over eight hundred years. Therefore, Szyk decided to make a work of art of the book. The 13th-century Statue of Kalisz, translated from Latin and illustrated by the artist in 1928, was discovered at the Institute of Musicology at the Jagiellonian University in 2011.  


  • Mayor of Kalisz Dr Janusz Pęcherz – introduction
  • Prof. Hanna Zaremska – the historical outline of the State of Kalisz
  • Prof. Aleksander Skotnicki, President of Stradomskie Centrum Dialogu Foundation in Kraków – Artur Szyk’s illumination of 1264 Statute of Kalisz from 1926-1928
  • Sławomir Przygodzki, Polish Historical Society  - the history of the Kalisz Jewish community

The event is supported by the following events:

  • Projects carried out by the city and Kalisz youth aiming to commemorate the Jewish community
  • The opening of the exhibition on Artur Szyk’s illumination of the Statue of Kalsiz from the collection of the Stradomskie Centrum Dialogu Foundation in Kraków.