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A Kaddish for Lithuanian synagogues

On February 15th, 6 pm, the exhibition entitled ‘Kadisz dla litewskich drewnianych synagog’ (A Kaddish for Lithuanian synagogues) will be inaugurated at the Biała Synagoga Gallery in Sejny.


The exhibition showcases over one thousand and thirty photographs of wooden synagogues that still stand or do not exist anymore in such towns as Kurkle, Rozalin, Owanta, Siady, Żyżnory, Tyrkuszle, Ławków, Pokrój, Traszkuny. The buildings did not serve solely as prayer houses but they were also the heart of social and scholarly life for the local Jewish community.

The exhibition is one of the projects of Jakov Bunka Foundation, which aims to call attention to the disappearing legacy of Lithuanian Jews and to the necessity of its preservation as part of the history of the Lithuanian state. The exhibition aims to show the disrepair of unique wooden synagogues in Lithuania and to raise funds for their restoration. The Foundation has purchased a 6 ha area in the Žemaitija National Park, where a small Jewish ethnographic museum, showing at least one preserved and restored wooden synagogue from Žemaitija, will be set up in the future. For more information visit this website: Ośrodek Pogranicze