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The final stage of the Gwoździec Rekonstrukcja project

We are already in the third week of a final stage of the Gwoździec Re!konstrukcja project, which was launched in 2011 from the initiative of the Association of the Jewish Historical Institute with the support of Handshouse Studio and Museum of the History of the Polish Jews. The creators of the roof structure and the decorative ceiling of Gwoździec synagogue are mounting the entire roof model in the Core Exhibition of the Museum of History of Polish Jews, which is located at -2 level of the museum building.


Works have begun at the floor-level of the Core Exhibition with the creation of the roof lower frame, which has been then raised to a height of about 1.6 meters where the central supporting frame was mounted.  At the same time the team has begun assembling the painted boards and other elements of frame structure such as rafters, etches and angle braces. In early February the team will begin to cover parts of the roof with shingles. The installation of the reconstructed  Gwoździec synagogue’s roof will end in March.

The main sponsor of the Gwoździec Re!construction project is Irene Pletka.