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Janusz Korczak on the radio

The Museum of the History of Polish Jews recommends revived classic Polish Radio plays ‘Król Maciuś I’ (‘King Matt the First’) and ‘Król Maciuś na wyspie bezludnej’ (‘King Matt on a Desert Islan’).


The radio plays were released in nine CD discs and are adapted from the remarkable Janusz Korczak’s story entitled ‘Król Maciuś Pierwszy’, which is well known in Poland and worldwide. It is one of the most beautiful Polish Radio plays, which was awarded the Złote Koziołki prize at the nationwide children’s art biennale for adaptation and direction, and the Nagroda Pierwszego Stopnia Przewodniczącego Radiokomitetu award for adaptation, direction, acoustic production and music.

The history of a little boy who becomes a king and is deprived of childhood also deals with friendship, loyalty and hardships of ruling. This funny tale about the adventures of the ten-year-old boy shows ruling mechanisms, with references to universal values, especially in terms of the respect for the rights of the youngest and vulnerable people – children.

Both the plot and acting, alongside music and acoustic effects, make the radio play a remarkable experience, which captures the attention of children and adults from 7 to 107 years old!

Almost fifty actors take part in the play. The protagonist, Maciuś, is played by the excellent Sławek Górniak, who was twelve years old at that time, accompanied by Anna Seniuk, Marek Kondrat, Ignacy Machowski, Andrzej Piszczatowski and many others.