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‘Holocaust Remembrance’ Academic & Pedagogical International Conference

From January 27-28, 2013, the Dnipropetrovsk in the Menora Centre staged an academic and pedagogical international conference on Holocaust remembrance. The conference was organized by the ‘Tkuma’ Ukrainian Institute for Holocaust Research and the Museum of Jewish and Holocaust Remembrance. Krzysztof Bielawski, the coordinator of the Virtual Shtetl portal, was one of the speakers.


Over the course of two days, a few hundred people visited Menora Centre lecture halls, including many scholars, teachers and young people. The meetings included official speeches and papers, such as presentations on the Museum of the History of Polish Jews and the Virtual Shtetl portal as a source of knowledge on the Holocaust. The audience also had a chance to visit the Jewish Community Center and Holocaust Museum in Ukraine, and to see the film entitled ‘Three stories from Galicia’, which dealt with the family history of the Weiss’ from Boryslav.