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‘Our neighbours – Jews’ – a youth competition

Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce (UJK), the ‘Świętokrzyski Sztetl’ Educational and Museum Centre in Chmielnik as well as the Kielce education board have the pleasure of inviting high school students in the Świętokrzyskie Province to take part in a competition.

The competition was launched on January 17th, which marked the nationwide Day of Judaism. All entries may be submitted not later than April 30th. The results will be announced at the official opening of the Educational and Museum Centre in mid-June.


The competition aims to involve school children in the history of the region, especially in the day-to-day life of Poles and Jews in former towns. This home to distinct groups was a centre of a peaceful or sometimes hostile coexistence. In their atmosphere, you could sense differences in terms of social mores, culture and economy. In order to participate, you are requested to submit a paper in the form of an interview with at least one person who remembers prewar times. The submitted works should touch on various themes and mirror Polish-Jewish neighborly relations, lives of shtetls and the everyday life of Poles and Jews.

Prizes and honourable mentions will be awarded in all age groups. The winning interviews will be used by the ‘Świętokrzyski Sztet’ Centre in Chmielnik as educational material. One copy will be handed over to the Kielce State Archive. This edition is the first one but more editions will hopefully follow in the future.

The substantive supervision is provided by the UJK Institute of History and by the Kielce educational board. The ‘Judaica’ historical society contributes to the organization of the competition.