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Learn to know Pruszków!

Społeczne Stowarzyszenie Forum Pruszków (Forum Pruszków Social Association) has just completed the first stage of the project called ‘Interactive Pruszków’, which obtained financial support from the Museum of the History of Poland in Warsaw and Pruszków City Hall as part of the ‘Patriotyzm jutra’ programme, which aims at showing history through modern media.


‘Poznaj Pruszków’ is an interactive historical guide to the city and its inhabitants, which comprises three theme routes and an interactive map, which enables you to go for a virtual or real walk, sightseeing the points designated on the Internet website. Each trip is within a walking distance of about three kilometers long.

The first walk, entitled ‘Okupacyjny Pruszków’ (Pruszków under occupation), was designed by Agata Mirosz. The route shows the life in the city at the time of the Nazi occupation from 1939-1945. The second route by Alicja Plachówna-Vasilewska guides you to places related to the everyday life of Pruszków Jews. The last route, authored by Szymon Kucharski, brings back to remembrance prominent Pruszków inhabitants.

All materials related to multimedia walking tours on the Poznaj Pruszków Internet website have been made available under a free Creative Commons license. The content may be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes provided that the authors are credited and that all materials are free licensed.

The interactive Pruszków project has been made possible thanks to the support of Pruszków City and Municipality Office, 121 Dulag Museum and Inga Salon Urody.

Check it out!

Poznaj Pruszków