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Unknown Warsaw Ghetto diaries

Unknown Warsaw Ghetto diaries have just been revealed. In one diary, a 37-year-old lawyer describes ghetto life and the fight against the Nazis. The second diary, written by an anonymous woman, had been known only to researchers.


A unique journal by an unknown Jew in the Warsaw Ghetto during the uprising was presented Thursday morning at a ceremony at the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum in the presence of President Shimon Peres. The writer, a 37-year-old Jewish lawyer, describes life in the ghetto, the Jewish underground fighters who were active there, and his march to deportation.

The journal is 38 pages long and written in Polish. It was also released Thursday on the Ghetto Fighters’ House Museum website, 70 years after the first phase of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising – “The January Revolt” – which started the resistance to the Nazi regime. During the course of the deportation from the ghetto, armed fighters engaged German soldiers in brutal close-quarter combat. In the struggle, Jews who were being led in convoys to a gathering point succeeded in escaping.

The author of the journal, some of whose family members were murdered in the Holocaust, was later sent to the Trawniki concentration camp. His fate remains unknown.

To read a fragment of this diary, go to the Museum’s official website.