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Ladino in winter time

Next Tuesday, 22nd January, Yasmin Levy, a world-famous star of Sephardic music will perform in Wrocław. Levy will give four concerts in Poland, in Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk and Warsaw. In the last few years, Jewish music has become popular in Poland. Jewish music has also inspired many renowned Polish vocalists.


Anna Jagielska-Riveiro is one of these artists, performing and singing in Ladino, Yiddish and Hebrew for ten years. Surprisingly, this artist has been more appreciated abroad than in Poland. Anna Jagielska-Riveiro has taken part in many international festivals (such as the International Festival of Sephardic Music in Cordoba, the largest one of this kind in all of Europe), winning acclaim of music critics. Thanks to her exceptional voice with a characteristic oriental tinge, her charisma on the stage and extraordinary personality, she has been dubbed the Polish Yasmin Levy.

If you have not listened to Sephardic music yet, you will have a chance to do so during concerts by the famous Israeli artist, who will perform next week. But do not worry if you miss it. Anna Riveiro, who has recently captured the audience’s attention with her magic Sephardic impressions at the Jazz Jamboree festival, will give a concert in Piaseczno, near Warsaw on 22nd February.