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The 199th anniversary of Tzaddik Dawid Biderman’s death

This year marks the 199th anniversary of the death of Tzaddik Dawid Biderman Lelower. Last Friday, a group of Orthodox Jews from Israel, the USA and other countries came to Lelów, a small town near Częstochowa, to take part in annual memorial ceremonies. Hasidim commemorated the Tzaddik by reciting prayers, lighting a bonfire and dancing at his grave.


Hasidic pilgrims who visit Lelów pray at the Tzaddik’s grave and throw small wish cards into a metal chest covering the grave. With the help of the mediating soul of the Tzaddik, the pilgrims aim at obtaining God’s grace. According to Judaism, the soul of the dead descends and enters the corpse in the grave only on the day of the anniversary of the death. A short journey to the past lasts almost three days. Some Hasidim, when visiting Poland, also visit the grave of the Tzaddik from Leżajsk.

Dawid Biderman lived in Lelów at the turn of the 19th century. Biderman is considered to be one of the most highly recognized Polish tzaddikim. Hasidim acknowledged his sainthood already during his lifetime. Biderman lived an ascetic life, fasting from one Shabbat to another. Every year his grave in Lelów becomes a destination of pious Jews from all over the world.

Source: PAP