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The Day of Judaism in Sieradz

On January 20th, Sieradz will hold the fifth edition of the Day of Judaism, which has been celebrated by the Polish Catholic Church for sixteen years. The time of the ceremonies is not accidental since it relates to dramatic events which occurred in Sieradz sixty-seven years ago. The town was bombarded on January 20th 1945, killing circa one hundred locals and two hundred seriously injured.

The sixteenth Day of Judaism in Sieradz has been organized under the banner of ‘I am Joseph, your brother’ and aims to further the dialogue between Christians and Jews by prayers, understanding and finding common ground for both religions.


The ceremonies will commence at the Sieradz cultural centre at 3:45 pm with the inauguration of a photo exhibition by Symcha Keller, the Łódź Rabbi.

The detailed programme is as follows:

  • 15.45 Sieradzkie Centrum Kultury (Sieradz Cultural Centre), 19 Dominikańska St. The opening of the photo exhibition 1
  • 6.00 "Pasje Rabina" – Symcha Kellera’s speech Accompanied by talks by Bishop Włocławski Wiesław Alojzy Mering and the Chief Rabbi of Poland Michael Schudrich
  • 17.00 Dom Katolicki (Catholic house), 11 Kolegiacka St. The official opening of the Diti Ravner Art&Photography – Empty Void exhibition
  • 17.40 A prayer at the memorial wall and kindling of the light of memory