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The premier of a play about Tarnów Jews

On January 26th, Saturday, L. Solski Theatre in Tarnów will stage the preview of Anna Wakulik’s play entitled ‘Bohaterowie’, by Ewelina Pietrowiak. The play tells the story of Tarnów Jews.


The play is based on a real story which occurred in Lichwin village, on the outskirts of Tarnów. It was there where a Polish partisan shot dead two Jewish women, a mother with her daughter. This incident inspired the author of the play to create her own story. In the play no one dies, but it highlights many hardships in human relationships.

Two brothers are returning home during the war. One is a deserter, and his brother is wounded. Both protagonists had to face postwar reality, their own feelings and two women who dramatically changed during their absence. The situation becomes even more complex with the sudden arrival of guests, Jewish women asking for help. What will be the result of the encounter of six completely distinct personalities?

Main roles are acted by Matylda Baczyńska, Ireneusz Pastuszak, Tomasz Wiśniewski, Ewa Sąsiadek, Kinga Piąty and Zofia Zoń.

The preview will take place on January 26th, Saturday, at 6 pm. Tickets cost PLN 35.

For more information and bookings call 784 976 026 or 14 688 32 87.

Visit the theatre’s official website to learn more about the play.