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The Eagle Pharmacy’s interior to change

At the 70th anniversary of the liquidation of the Kraków ghetto, the interior of the Eagle Pharmacy, the branch of the Historical Museum of the City of Kraków, will undergo refurbishment, which has already begun, preceding the opening of a new permanent exhibition, scheduled for March.


The Eagle Pharmacy will be transformed into a kind of an interactive archive, awakening and alerting all your senses. You will examine pictures, letters, documents and films with your own eyes, and smell the smell of a pharmacy, which will not be easy to imagine. You will also have a chance to listen to testimonies of first-hand witnesses of the events which took place seventy years ago.

The Eagle Pharmacy will look exactly as it looked at the time of the ghetto. Previously, there had been very little pharmacy furniture but now there is much more. The interior design has been reproduced according to preserved photo albums of Tadeusz Pankiewicz, their owner. A new marvelous façade has been built. The walls have been equipped with a vertical isolation system, too.

The small space has been divided into five rooms. The first one, called the expedition room, is an introduction not only of the history of the place and the house itself, but, above all, of people who worked in the pharmacy. The second room is a recipe room where formerly medicines were produced. We will listen to stories told by those who survived and by Podgórze inhabitants, recorded in the 1990s. Some photographs of people who have been known by their names only have also been discovered.

The third room is Pankiewicz’s room, where the most dramatic moment of the history of the ghetto, i.e. its liquidation, begins. The fourth room is a former store house, located at the backyard. By entering this room, you will know about Pankiewicz’s help. Few memorabilia of Pankiewicz himself have survived, except for a photo album, a university diploma, a professional certification and a hat. However, it is the memory which is the most important. The last room, the lab, shows the process of restoring the memory.

The Eagle Pharamcy , like all the others, was nationalized and subsequently moved to another place. Its original building was adapted into a bar. It was not before 1983 that an exhibition on the ghetto and the pharmacy was opened.


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