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The Yahrzeit of the Tzaddik from Aleksandrów Łódzki

Today, Tevet 29th, marks the 103rd anniversary of the death of Tzaddik Jerachamiel Izrael Icchak, the son of Jachiel from Aleksandrów and the grandson of Szrag Fajwel Dancygier. He is considered to be one of the most highly recognized tzaddikim from Poland.


The Hasidic Aleksander dynasty was established by Szrag Fajwel Dancygier from Grójec. Towards the end of the 19th century, his son Jechiel Dancygier moved the seat of the dynasty to Aleksandrów Łódzki. Beginning 1894, the mission of the forefathers was continued by Tzaddik Jerachamiel Izrael Icchak, who was famous for his wisdom. The Tzaddik, who is recognized as the most renowned representative of the Aleksandrów dynasty, was also the co-author of the religious work entitled ‘Jiszmach Izrael’.

This family was second to the Ger dynasty throughout Eastern Europe in terms of the number of its members, who comprised mostly indigent traders and artisans. Some would mockingly say: ‘Ger attracts learners, while Aleksandrów – traders’. Many cities had their houses of prayer, where followers of Aleksandrów tzaddikim would gather. Contemporary Hasidic communities which identify with the legacy of the Aleksandrów dynasty are spread throughout Israel, Belgium, the USA and Australia. The ohel of the Dancygiers, located in the Jewish cemetery in Aleksandrów Łódzki, is the destination of many pilgrimages from all over the world.