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Ludwik Zamenhof and the Jewish question. A selection of sources

The Austeria publisher has just released a new publication entitled Ludwik Zamenhof wobec "kwestii żydowskiej". Wybór źródeł, edited by Agnieszka Jagodzińska. This book, which is the second volume in the ‘Makor/Źródła’ series, edited by Prof. Marcin Wodziński, presents texts on Jewish history and culture. The series comprises both historical sources and philological editions of canonical Jewish works.

The book sheds light on lesser known Zamenhof, who not only created the international Esperanto language, but he was also the author of groundbreaking Yiddish grammar and of visionary projections of one common religion and nation.


Ludwik Zamenhof (1859-1917) is generally known as the inventor of Esperanto, an artificial lingua franca. This book aims to show little known aspects of his life, and, above all, to fill the gap related to his Jewish experience, as illustrated by the sources which were selected from a rich legacy left behind by Zamenhof. The selected texts document the evolution of his ideologies of language, nationality and religion in a chronological order. Most of the sources have not been published in Poland before. They present the history of Zamenhof’s struggles with the so-called Jewish question and Zamenhof’s metamorphosis from Jewish particularism to general universalism.