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A new ohel in Lelów

In December 2012, the Nissenbaum Family Foundation completed another stage of building works of an ohel over Tzaddik’s Dawid Biderman’s grave. The roof has been secured to protect it against winter weather conditions. Roof restoration and finishing works will be resumed next spring and summer.


The ohel has been fenced in with special rails which will ensure security to pilgrims who will visit the grave at the upcoming Yahrzeit, which this year falls on January 18th.

Dawid Biderman, who lived at the turn of the 19th century, was one of the most famous tzaddikim in the whole of Eastern Europe. Biderman was a student of Mojżesz Lejb from Sasów and of Jakow Icchak Horowic from Lublin. His grave in Lelów is visited by pious Jews from all over the world.