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The relationship between Janusz Korczak and Emmanuel Levinas

January 5th, 2012, marked the inauguration of the series of meetings called ‘Czwartki na Tłomackiem. Mój Korczak’, organized by the Jewish Historical Institute in Warsaw. Next Thursday, January 10th, another meeting will take place and will be devoted to Anna Kamińska’s book entitled ‘Wrażliwość a podmiotowość. Teoria Emmanuela Levinasa i praktyka Janusza Korczaka’. The meeting will be attended by Anna Sobolewska, Yaron Karol Becker, Adam Lipszyc i Andrzej Mencwel.


During the meeting, the guests will reflect on the following questions: What are different interpretations of Korczak and Levinas’s works in terms of the space of the confrontation of meanings? What questions posed by the contemporary dialogue philosopher Emmanuel Levinas could be asked by Janusz Korczak? Was Korczak religious and, if so, what did his religiosity mean? In what sense was Korczak a man of a dialogue?

The book was published in 2012 by Instytut Wydawniczy "Maximum".