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Maciej Stroiński will talk about film and philosophy

This Thursday, at 7 pm, Cheder Café in Kraków will host Maciej Stroiński, who will deliver a lecture entitled ‘Bańka mydlana’, which will touch on cinematography and philosophy.


Maciej Stroiński, with reference to Eytan Fox’s film entitled ‘The Bubble’, will attempt to discuss what happens when feelings between two men become entangled in a military conflict. Will an Israeli “super identity” reconcile Judaism and Islam?

"Bańka mydlana" (“The Bubble”) tells the story of a group of young Israelis living in Tel Aviv. The film shows problems faced by people living in a restrictive Israeli society. The appearance of a young Palestinian destroys the thus far peaceful ordinary life. The film is a moving story about universal love.

Free entrance!

The lecture has been organized by Cheder Café and The Machers, FKŻ volunteering service.