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An exhibition on Witold Pilecki

The exhibition entitled ‘Rotmistrz Witold Pilecki – Ochotnik do Auschwitz’, displayed in the Mstów school complex, will run until January 9th, 2013.


The exhibition has been designed by Jacek Jaśkiewicz from the Solidarność Walcząca Association and organized by OBEP IPN in Katowice, in partnership with the Mstów school complex and the Solidarność Walcząca Association in Wrocław. The exhibition shows pictures from family archives, records and excerpts of Pilecki’s report on his stay at Auschwtiz, including a 1946 fragment assessing the situation of the country, and photographs from the ‘Witold’s group’ trial as well as the text of Pilecki’s death sentence.

Witold Pilocki was born on May 1901in Ołoniec. He took part in the action of disarming Germans in 1918 and fought in the 1920 battle against Bolsheviks and then in the 1929 September military campaign, followed by his participation in the Warsaw Uprising.

Pilecki was the first in in history to  volunteer to go to Auschwitz to organize a resistance movement there and to write a report on the authentic situation in the camp. All information included in his report was sent to London. After his escape from Auschwitz, Pilecki fought in the Warsaw Uprising, after which he was shipped to the Lamsdorf POW camp, from where he was moved to the camp in Murnau.

After the liberation, he volunteered for the Ander’s Army. In 1945, he was moved to the country, where he collected information about NKVD and UB (Security Office) operation in Poland. His reports were sent to Polish II Corps in Italy. Ignoring the order to come back due to the growing danger, Pilecki did not leave Poland. He was arrested on May 8th 1947 and suffered horrible tortures during the interrogation. Pilecki was sentenced to death on May 15th 1948.

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