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Take part in the Jewish Motifs International Film Festival

January 5th is the deadline for submitting films for the Jewish Motifs International Film Festival. The organizers accept films made in 2011-2013, which may include documentaries, feature and animated films, the leitmotif of which deals with Jewish themes.


Both experienced filmmakers and art students who have made interesting, groundbreaking and controversial films, are strongly encouraged to take part in the competition to win the Warsaw Fenix Prize.

The upcoming 9th edition of the Festival is scheduled for April 24-28th, 2013, and will take place in the Muranów cinema in Warsaw. The jury panel, on which directors, screenwriters and film critics will be sitting, will select over forty films made in several countries.

The Jewish Motifs Festival is one of the greatest events of this kind throughout Europe, revolving around Jewish themes in contemporary cinematography. The festival aims to capture who and what is interesting in Jewish culture, history and tradition. This year will be highlighted by the presence of the recognized writer and screenwriter Józef Hen, whose artistic work will be the theme of the film review.

The entrance to all movie shows is free!

More information and an application form are available on the Festival’s official website.