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2013 - The Year of Julian Tuwim

2012 was devoted to Janusz Korczak. This year will commemorate the poet Julian Tuwim, the author of famous children’s poems, such as ‘Lokomotywa’, ‘Słoń Trąbalski’, and serious works, including ‘Kwiaty polskie’ and ‘Bal w operze’.



This year marks the 60th anniversary of Tuwim’s death and the centennial of his debut, which Tuwim made with his poem ‘Prośba’, published in ‘Kurier Warszawski’ newspaper. The idea of establishing 2013 as the year of the poet comes from the Łódź City Hall and the Łódź branch office of the Association of Polish Writers (SPP). Last October, the idea was supported by the Sejm Commission for Culture and Media. Polish Sejm passed the proposed bill, justifying the decision as follows: ‘Both anniversaries are an opportunity to pay tribute to this great poet who shaped the language, imagination and social sensitivity of many generations of Poles, teaching them a sense of humour and showing them optimistic aspects of everyday life. The Sejm of the Republic of Poland, convinced of the special contribution of the poet to the national legacy, hereby announced the year of 2013 the Year of Julian Tuwim’.

The planned ceremonies will be accompanied by cultural events, including nationwide competitions, meetings, debates, concerts, theatrical plays, happenings and other sorts of events which will take place in Łódź and Warsaw. Additionally, memorial plaques , educational paths and the Literary Prize of the City of Łódź will be arranged.

Julian Tuwim was born on September 13th, 1894 in a Jewish family in Łódź. He became one of the most famous poets in the 1920s and the early 1930s. Tuwim also co-founded the ‘Pod Picadoreom’ literary cabaret and the ‘Skamander’ literary group. Tuwim is the author of cabaret, show and political texts, which he wrote under over forty pen names, such as . Oldlen, Tuvim, Schyzio Frenik, Wim, Roch Pekiński and others. Tuwim also translated Russian, French, Latin and German poetry. However, his children’s poems are the most famous of his entire oeuvre.

The year of 2013 has also been dedicated to the chemist Jan Czochralski and composer Witold Lutosławski.


  • Dziennik Łódzki, Rok 2013 Rokiem Juliana Tuwima (07.12.2012)