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Derkacz Cabaret Group to stage ‘Polish Jews with humour and reflection’

The Municipal Cultural Centre in Józefów has the pleasure of inviting you to a performance entitled "Polscy Żydzi – na wesoło i refleksyjnie" by the ‘Derkacz’ Cabaret Group, scheduled for this Sunday.


The gig’s programme is based on texts by Julian Tuwim, Osip Mandelstam, Marian Hemar, Jerzy Turandot and Horacy Safrin. The ‘Derkacz’ cabaret is one of the few groups who presents Jewish skits and wisdom, intertwined with Ewa Demarczyk’s songs. The concert will be highlighted by the excellent acting of Arek Dery and Grzegorz Stolcman.

The cabaret has operated since 1990, with its composition changing now and then. The group has been performing in Poland and abroad hundreds times. Their parody of famous ‘"Jožin z bažin" has been received by the audience extremely well. Arek Dera is the author of the texts and adaptations of literary works. This year, the ‘Derkacz’ cabaret will perform at the Jewish Cultural Festival in Białystok.

Ticket price: PLN 15. Presales from January 2nd, from 2 pm – 6:30 pm. On the day of the performance, tickets will be sold at the box office of the Cultural Centre one hour before the gig starts.