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The official unveiling of the memorial plaque in Łuków

Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Ziemi Łukowskiej, the Regional Museum in Łuków and the Łuków Cultural Center together with Krzysztof Czubaszek would like to welcome you to the ceremony of unveiling the plaque commemorating the martyrdom of Jews. The ceremony will take place at 19 Wyszyńskiego Street, in Łuków, on October 5. Precisely on this day, seventy years ago, the Łuków ghetto was liquidated.


The program includes the following:

11 am – the unveiling of the memorial plaque, PZU/PKO building, 19 Wyszyńskiego St.

11:30 am – popular-scientific sessions, Łuków Cultural Center, spectator room, 20 Wyszyńskiego St.

1 pm – the passage along the trail of life and martyring of Łuków Jews

  • Międzyrzecka St.
  • Railway station
  • The former location of the synagogue, Strapijarskich Street
  • The monument in the Jewish cemetery on Warszawska St.
  • The monument at the execution site in Malcanowski forest, Domaszewska St.