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The Festival of Three Cultures in Włodawa

From October 4-7, Włodawa will hold the 13th edition of the Festival of Three Cultures. For many centuries, Włodawa was home to Poles, Ukrainians and Jews, who comprised over sixty percent of the entire population, which served as an inspiration for creating a festival, each day of which revolves around one of the three cultures.


Many events will be staged in the St. Ludwik baroque church, in the former synagogue and in the Orthodox church. The ‘Mój dzikus’ performance, with Justyna Sieńczyko starring, will be the opening event of the festival and will take place one day before the official inauguration of the festival.

The first day of the festival will focus on Jewish culture. Anna Maria Jopek and the Kroke band, which is very popular among the Lublin audience, will perform together. The music band, which derives inspiration from Klezmer tradition, became famous thanks to the ‘East Meets East’ album, recorded together with the violin virtuoso Nigel Kennedy. A concert by the Clił Jewish Choir from Łódź will also highlight the first day of the festival.

Saturday, October 6, will deal with the Orthodox culture while Sunday will be devoted to Catholicism. On the final day, Mieczysław Szcześniak will perform. You will also have a chance to see a one man poetic show by the renowned Polish actress Maja Komorowska.

Throughout the festival, a great variety of workshops, meetings with writers and movie shows, dealing with the main theme of the festival, will be held. A documentary movie entitled ‘Wesele chasydzkie’ (A hasidic wedding) is especially recommendable.

The Festival of Three Cultures also abounds in exhibitions. One of them will display pictures of Włodawa and its residents from 1945 up to this day. Another exhibition, for instance, will present illustrations from the old press.

The program includes theatrical workshops run by the Polish actor Bartosz Opania and Jewish dance classes. A kitchen of three cultures, spiced with garlic, pork rinds and… pleasant smelling lovage will also be open to the visitors.


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