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The synagogue in Słomniki will be restored

For years, the synagogue’s building in Słomniki has been neglected in the following manner: walled up windows, leaking gutters, plaster falling off the walls, overgrown bushes. The Jewish Community in Krakow has resolved to lease the building to the town hall, which desires to arrange a cultural center with an exhibition on the history of Jews there.


The synagogue is located in the town center, on a busy street from Krakow to Warsaw. The Jewish Religious Community in Krakow managed to restore it from the State Treasury in 1997, basing the restoration on a legal act on Jewish property restitution. The Community restored the synagogue when it housed a condom manufacturing plant. Since then, it has stood unused. When Zbigniew Gurak held the office of the town’s mayor, the town wanted to lease the building as a health care center. However, the councilmen refused to invest in the building which was not their property. Presently, the synagogue will be handed over to the town for a dime.

Słomniki local authorities want the building to serve for cultural purposes. A branch office of the cultural center will be opened there. In the synagogue, art studios, an exhibition and conference room as well as a concert hall, where performances will be staged, will be housed. Before the place revives again, the building needs to undergo restoration works. The interior of the building is unfinished. All fixtures and fittings need to be assembled and some walls have to be pulled down. The facades and the surrounding area of the synagogue will be restored, and decorative elements, such as pillars and cornices, will be exposed.

The Council of Słomniki Town and Municipality gave a green light to leasing the synagogue from the Jewish Religious Community. The restoration works will cost over one million zlotys. The municipality plans to collect money from outside funds.


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