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‘Zachor – Color and Sound’ Jewish Cultural Festival

June 15th marks the opening of the fifth edition of the ‘Zachor – Color and Sound’ Jewish Cultural Festival in Białystok. Below you will find a detailed program of the festival.


The program of the festival is as follows:

Friday, June 15th, 2012

7 pm – the opening concert – at the amphitheater next to the Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera (Odeska Street)

David Krakauer (USA) Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera Orchestra

L. Bernstein – ‘Candide’ operette overture operetta

W. Marhulets – ‘Klezmer Clarinet Concerto’

L. Bernstein – "Chichester Psalms” Saturday,

June 16th, 2012

7 pm – a concert – at the amphitheater next to the Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera (Odeska Street)

Acoustic Acrobats (Krakow) Klezmer

Orchestra of the Sejny Theater (Sejny)

Sunday – June 17th, 2012

3.00 pm – Jewish Białystok (a walking tour)

Guide: Jolanta Szczygieł-Rogowska Start – Suraska St., at the monument of the Great Synagogue

4:00 pm – at the city hall square

Jewish cuisine workshops – a presentation and a degustation

Run by Małgorzata Blicharz

Jewish and Israeli dance workshops Run by Monika Leszczyńska

Plastic arts competition for children: ‘The synagogue and Jewish symbols’

7.00 pm a concert – at the amphitheater next to the Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera (Odeska Street)

Ostatnie Takie Trio (Warsaw)

A. Tansman Quartet (Białystok)

8.30 pm Śledziński Gallery (Waryńskiego Street)

A screening of the Israeli movie ‘Turn left at the end of the world’ (a comedy with Polish subtitles)

Orla – Sunday, June 17, 2012

12.00 noon – a coach to Orla departs in front of the Białystok Cultural Center (Legionowa Street)

2.00 pm – a concert in front of the synagogue

Pozytyv & Podlachian Folk Orchestra (support)

Acoustic Acrobats (Krakow)

Monday – June 18th, 2012

3.00 pm Department of Law at the Białystok University (Mickiewicza St)

The inauguration of the ‘Nasi Izraelczycy’ exhibition (Our Israelis)

6.00 pm – ‘Wedel’ chocolate drinking house, 17 Kościuszki Square

A discussion panel: „Żydzi wschodniej Polski”. Przeszłość, współczesność, perspektywy badań.(Eng. Eastern Polish Jews. The past, the presence, reaserch perspectives)

The following lectures will be held:

Ryszard Löw (Tel Aviv – Israel), On Józef Chazanowicz, a physician from Białystok

Jolanta Szczygieł-Rogowska (Śledziński Gallery), „Po tak wielu pozostało tak niewiele”. Judaika w zbiorach białostockich instytucji kultury (So many left so few traces. Judaica in collections of Białystok cultural institutions)

7:30 pm a rock concert – Fama cafe ( Legionowa St. – BOK)

Dolly`s Circus (Israel)

8.00 pm A concert of Sephardic songs – Galeria im. Sleńdzińskich – Galeria Telimena (2 Legionowa St)

Gerard Edery (USA) and Małgorzata Pańko (Polad)

Tuesday – June 19, 2012

9.00 – 18.00 – Książnica Podlaska im. Łukasza Górnickiego In the library, first floor (16 J. Kilińskiego St)

The First International Conference ‘Jews from Eastern Poland. Culture – Tradition – Literature’

7.00 pm a gala concert – at the amphitheater next to the Podlaskie Philharmonic and Opera (Odeska Street)

Gerard Edery (USA) – mini recital Grupa Rafała Kmity(Poland) and their reportoire Aj waj! czyli historie z cynamonem

David Krakauer (USA)

An American clarinetist, who plays mainly Klezmer music. He became famous in the late 1908s, when he became a member of the The Klezmatics music band. Before, Krakauer he had worked as a clarinetist in the orchestra and experimented with modern music. Klezmer Madness!, David Krakauer’s band, blends traditional Klezmer music with modern music genres. The musician has also cooperated with Kronos Quartet.

David Krakauer’s activity is a rare blend of artistry and uniqueness. The artist has cooperated with many worldwide music bands and orchestras. He starts at the most prestigious international festivals.

Acoustic Acrobats (Kraków)

April 2010 is the date when the Acoustic Acrobats Band was born. It was at that time, when facing the need to introduce changes in our former band and wishing to open up to the ethno music from different parts of the world, some of the co-operating musicians decided to start afresh. After a few months of formation of the artistic shape of the new band, at the beginning of 2011 the independent group, Acoustic Acrobats, has been launched. The years 2008-2010 were extremely busy but also enchanting for us. In 36 months, still partly as the Max Klezmer Band and the Max Klezmer Band Acoustic Acrobats, we played nearly 200 concerts in Poland, in nine European countries, as well as in Jamaica and Africa.

Their music marries ethno and jazz music but you can also capture sounds characteristic of Klezmer and Balkan music.

Orkiestra Klezmerska Teatru Sejneńskiego (Sejny) Klezmer Orchestra of the Sejny Theater

The orchestra is formed by young people aligned to The Centre “Borderland of Arts, Cultures and Nations” in Sejny. It was founded a few years ago, when the theatrical adaptation of Szymon An-ski’s play ‘Dybbuk’ was being arranged. Since then, young people from Sejny, on the Polish-Lithuanian borderland, have been fascinated by Klezmer music. Thanks to the Jewish Cultural Festival in Krakow, where the Sejny orchestra performed a few times, young musicians made close acquaintances with famous US Klezmer musicians, such as David Krakauer, Michael Alpert, Deborą Strauss, Jeff Warschauer, Stuart Brotman, Frank London and Paul Brody.,1088.html

Ostatnie Takie Trio (Warsaw)

The band dates back to the mid-1980s, when it was set up in Wrocław. Gustaw Szepke, a composer, guitar player and a singer is the only original member of the band. The Trio was active up until the early 1990s, and afterwards they performed only occasionally. The band was reactivated in 2011, when it gave a supporting concert of Matisjahu in the Nożyk Synagogue in Warsaw. The band plays mainly Psalms (Tehilim) in their own interpretations, mixing various styles and music genres.

The music band’s members: Gustaw Szepke (guitar, singer), Andrzej Jaskuła (bass guitar), Andrzej Waśniewski (keyboard), Piotr Kowalik (drums).

Aleksander Tansman Quartet (Białystok)

The quartet was set up in 2008 as a chamber music band in the Podlaskie Opera and Philharmonic – the European Arts Center in Białystok. The artists promote top quality chamber music, especially compositions by a Polish composer Aleksaner Tansman. The band is formed by Rafał Dudzik (first violin), Ewa Gromska (second violin), Jakub Grabe-Zaremba (viola), Szymon Stępka (cello).

Dolly’s Circus (Israel)

This rock punk music band was born in the dark rooms of Tel Aviv pubs. Unique music played by Dolly’s Circus makes the spirit of authentic rock n’roll alive, overshadowing its banal tunes. The rock show of the band, called ‘Tzwika, go to prison’, a punk concert covering children’s songs by Dudu Zar as well as their album called “Mirror Mirror’, released by NMC, made Dolly’s Circus one of the leading alternative music bands throughout Israel. The team is in the midst of recording their second album.

Gerard Edery (USA)

Gerard Edery is a musician (singer, guitar and sax player) and a composer. Recognized as a leading musical folklorist , he is a master of Sephardic songs. His rich repertoire includes a great number of ethnic and folk songs, in which he combines traditional musical forms from throughout world. He sings in fifteen languages and he speaks fluently in four of them. He is constantly seeking to discover new songs, melodies and stories from all around the world and, by including them in his repertoire, preserves them (often interpreting them in various novel ways). Gerard Edery performed at the gala concert at the 4th edition of the Zachor Jewish Cultural Festival in 2011.

Grupa Rafała Kmity (Rafał Kmita’s group)

It was founded in 1993. Since then, it has performed theatrical works, such as : ‘Wszyscyśmy z jednego szynela’ (1997), ‘Ca-sting’ (rok 2002), ‘Aj waj! czyli historie z cynamonem’ (2005) and cabaret performances: ‘Głusi jak pies’ (1993), ‘Trzy zdania o umierani’ (1994) and many more.

‘Aj waj! czyli historie z cynamonem’ is a performance, based on Jewish cultural motifs, which equally blends features of theater and cabaret. Directed by two Krakow artists, Rafał Kmita (lyrics, script and direction) and Bolesław Rawski (compositions and interpretations), the performance is a set of episodes, where monologues and songs bring back to life the atmosphere of 19th-century Jewish districts and towns. No wonder, then, that it became a theater blockbuster in 2005.


The festival has been organized by the Poland-Israel Citizen Education Center.