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A defaced Jewish cemetery in Pszczyna

Last week, the Jewish cemetery situated on Katowicka Street in Pszczyna was vandalized. Nineteen tombstones, some of which date back to the early 19th century, were damaged in the old part of the cemetery.


Sławomir Pastuszka, a caretaker of the cemetery, discovered uprooted and knocked down matzevot, some of which have already been restored to their proper upright position. The surrounding area has been successfully cleaned. Presently, the cemetery is undergoing restoration works. Thanks to benevolent people, circa 150 tombstones have been arranged, sixty of which have been restored to an upright position. This Sunday, on May 6th, an action of cleaning the cemetery, initiated by Sławomir Pastuszka and members of Forum Zbuntowani Eksploratorzy (Forum of Rebelled Explorers), will start.

Next year, Sławomir Pastuszka’s monograph on the cemetery will be published. The book presents a detailed itemized list of the Jewish graveyard (including copies of records, translations, descriptions and photographs of all tombstones) and information from archives and other sources. The publication tells the history of the local Jewish community and includes a glossary of Pszczyna Jews, portraying all Jewish families who resided in Pszczyna.

If you want to contribute to arranging the cemetery, send an e-mail to the following address