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Jedrzejow is about to raise a memorial monument to the Jewish residents of the town

Jedrzejow is planning to commemorate the Jewish residents of the town and victims of the Shoah. The idea is a brainchild of the Israeli researcher Omber Barak, a descendant of a Jewish family who left Jedrzejow in the 1930s to immigrate to Israel.


The Mayor Marcin Piszczek gives the green light to the idea and declares that the municipality helps arrange all necessary documents. The site that will occupy an exposed place will be served as a memorial to the history of the Jedrzejow Jews. The Mayor is open to all proposals put forward by the townsmen regarding the exact location of the monument. The local population register dating back to the mid-19th century does not mention anyone from the Jewish community. It was not before after the January Uprising in 1863 when the first Jews arrived in Jedrzejow.

Germans established a ghetto there in 1942 that did not operate long because it was annihilated the same year, on September 16th. In 1943 so-called small ghetto was annihilated. From a population of more than four thousand Jews, there was just a group of eighty people who survived World War 2.

Source: Gazeta Wyborcza Kielce