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Polish Jew – Polish Soldier

Jewish Historical Institute has just published the reprint of the book ”Żyd polski – żołnierz polski" (“Polish Jew – Polish Soldier”) which appeared first time in 1945 under the auspices of Rabbi Rubner, the Chief Rabbi of the Polish Second Corps. The books includes essays about Jews who were members of Polish army and took part in many battles and risings during WW II.

One of these soldiers was Julian Bussgang, an officer of Polish Second Corps, who translated essays into English and decided to published them with the reprint of the original, Polish version of the book.

Julian Bussgang was born in Lviv. Before soviet invasion on 17th of September 1939 he managed to escape to Romania. After a few months, he arrived in Palestine. Then, he graduated at the Polish military school in Tel-Aviv, which was attended by Polish refugees who had been evacuated by the British from Romania, or arrived in Palestine from other places.

When the Polish II Corps moved from the USSR to Palestine, Bussgang joined the army voluntarily. After officers' training he was sent to Italy and fought in many battles. He took part in the capture of Monte Cassino.

After the war Julian Bussgang studied in Italy and Great Britain. In 1949 he immigrated to the USA. He graduated at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and earned his DSc at the Harvard University. He conducted research on military applications of electronics.

In 1945, Julian Bussgang translated the book "Polish Jew – Polish Soldier". He also tried to protect the memory of the war victims. He and his wife have translated the two volumes of accounts of Jewish children who had survived the Holocaust (members of the Children of the Holocaust Association in Poland), called The Last Eyewitnesses: Children of the Holocaust Speak.