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Province:inne / wołyńskie (before 1939)
County:rejon kiwerecki / łucki (before 1939)
Community:Silno / Silno (before 1939)
Other names:Трохимбрід [j. ukraiński]; Софіївка [j. ukraiński]; Трохимброд [j. rosyjski]; Софиевка [j. rosyjski]; טרוכנברוד [j. hebrajski]
50.9167° N / 25.7000° E
50°55'00" N / 25°41'59" E



Wyludniona wieś na Ukrainie, w rejonie kiwercowskim obwodu wołyńskiego. Położona około 10 kilometrów na wschód od Trościańca i około 50 kilometrów na północny wschód od Łucka. Do 1939 roku Zofiówka leżała w gminie Silno powiatu łuckiego województwa wołyńskiego II Rzeczpospolitej.



Marcin /

Grupa młodzieży żydowskiej, zdjęcie pochodzi z 1939 r. | nieznany

Zofiówka was located by the czarist authorities in 1835 and inhabited mainly by Jews from Wołyń and Belarus. Although it was granted town charter, the inhabitants were mostly occupied with agriculture, as well as (but less common) with tanning, craftworks and trade. An economic "boom" came at the beginning of 20th century with the opening of a glass factory. World War I and the Austrian occupation brought many tragedies to the Jewish community of Zofiówka – economic breakdown, forced labor for the Austrian army and epidemics of typhus, which took a heavy toll. The Austrian military chaplain together with some officers opened a small school, in which they taught German to children.

After Zofiówka had entered the borders of independent Poland, Zionist organizations started to blossom in the town, especially "Beitar" and "Hechalutz." Before 1939 about 45 Jewish families emigrated to Palestine.

Following September 17, 1939, when Zofiówka became part of the Soviet Union, the number of Jewish population in the town increased to approx. 3500 due to an inflow of refugees from Polish areas occupied by the Germans.

After Zofiówka had been occupied by the German army, the Ukrainian policemen under the commend of SS murdered in August 1942 over 5000 Jews from Zofiówka and neighboring towns, and burnt their houses together with all their property.




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