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Polska / małopolskie

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Province:małopolskie / krakowskie (before 1939)
County:tarnowski / brzeski (before 1939)
Community:Wojnicz / Wojnicz (before 1939)
Other names:Wojnicz [j. niemiecki];'וויניץ [j. hebrajski]
49.9576° N / 20.8381° E
49°57'27" N / 20°50'17" E


K. Bielawski

According to The Encyclopedia of Jewish Life Before and During the Holocaust, already in the 18th century there were followers of Judaism living in Wojnicz. In the later part of the 19th century, in 1880, around two hundred people of Jewish descent were living in Wojnicz. In August 1942, the Nazis deported the Wojnicz Jews to the Zakliczyn ghetto, and later to the extermination camp in Bełżec.


Local history

Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN /

In the 12th century a castellany in the vicinity of a trading settlement and a customs house; town privileges granted before 1278; 1349 Kazimierz III Wielki annexed the village of Zamoście (founded in 1277) to Wojnicz; from the 15th century a sine iurisdictione starosty; town growth limited from the 15th century by neighbouring Tarnów; in 1655, during the Swedish invasion, the site of a battle lost by the Polish army commanded by Field Crown Hetman S. Lanckoroński with the army of Charles X Gustav of Sweden, the town was sacked and burnt by the Swedes; in the years 1772–1918 under the Austrian Partition, sold by the authorities to the Stadnicki family; in the interwar period cattle trade, small industry; 1934 loss of town privileges; during the German occupation, 1944 a labour camp. Late Gothic parish church of Saint Lawrence (15th century, Baroque alteration 1735–54, extension ca. 1920–30, tower restoration 1997–2001), inside rococo polychrome (1767), wooden bell tower (1660s); wooden cemetery church of Saint Leonard (17th century); neo-Gothic Dąbski Palace (1830). Near Wojnicz the Panieńska Góra nature reserve; since 2007 a town.

This entry has been prepared based on the PWN source materials.