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Polska / lubuskie

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Province:lubuskie / inne (before 1939)
County:słubicki / Weststernberg (before 1939)
Community:Rzepin / Reppen (before 1939)
Other names:Reppen [j. niemiecki]
52.3463° N / 14.8321° E
52°20'46" N / 14°49'55" E


The city of Rzepin is located in Słubicki Administrative District in Lubuskie Province. It is situated in the western part of Lubuskie Lakeland.


Local history /

Rzepin | Marcin Wygocki

The first historical record of Rzepin comes from 1297. The city was erected on a place of a former defensive settlement and craftsmen’s settlement outside city walls from the Xth century. New settlement had wooden embankments and it was surrounded by moats instead of defensive walls. In medieval ages Rzepin was repeatedly sold and the land belonging to the city was confiscated. In 1329 Rzepin was granted city rights. In XIVth and XVth century the city was referred to as “Nowy Rzepin” (New Rzepin). Probably the name was changed due to new location of a city or new city rights. Situation of the city in the vicinity of Frankfurt slowed down economic and population growth in Rzepin. It was only in the XIXth century that the suburbs of the city started to develop. The fact was connected to the creation of first little production plants. Shoemaking, brewing and cloth making were the main professions among inhabitants. There was a water mill in the city. During wars waged over centuries the city was destroyed many times. The city suffered particularly severe damage during Seven Years’ War and the Thirty Years’ War. In XVIIth century Rzepin was almost totally burnt. The inhabitants were decimated by numerous epidemics and diseases. Building transport network, firstly a road from Poznan to Frankfurt, secondly railroads in 1896, were the first signs of development of the city in XIXth century. In 1904 Rzepin became a seat of the Administrative District’s authorities.

Second World War did not bring too much destruction. Still, due to its location near the border and as a result of a dominating role of the city of Słubice in the region, development of Rzepin area was not dynamic.

In the years 1945-1952 Administrative District authorities were seated in Rzepin. Thanks to the opening of borders in the nineties of the XXth century Rzepin got an opportunity of development.




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