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Polska / mazowieckie

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Province:mazowieckie / warszawskie (before 1939)
County:mławski / mławski (before 1939)
Community:Radzanów / Radzanów (before 1939)
Other names:ראדזנוב [j. jidysz]
52.9421° N / 20.0903° E
52°56'31" N / 20°05'24" E


Izrael badacz

Radzanów | yarek shalom

The village of Radzanów is situated in Mława County, Masovian Voivodeship. It has 930 inhabitants.



Izrael badacz

The Jews started to settle down here about 1710 just after being chased away from Szreńsk. In 1763 a wooden synagogue was built here.

From 1823 to 1862 the Jews from other towns were not allowed to settle down here because of the location of Radzanów by the country border. In 1856, 612 Jews lived here, which made 57% of the overall population.
In the interwar period, in 1921, the number increased to 303 Jews, which made 23% of the overall population.

During World War II, in September 1939, Radzanów was occupied by the German Army. In January 1942, the Germans deported all the Jewish people from Radzanów to the ghetto in Mława.


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