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Polska / małopolskie

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Province:małopolskie / krakowskie (before 1939)
County:nowotarski / nowotarski (before 1939)
Community:Rabka - Zdrój / Rabka (before 1939)
Other names:Bad Rabka [j. niemiecki]
49.6089° N / 19.9671° E
49°36'31" N / 19°58'01" E


Jakub Podczaszy, Jacek Jastrzębski

Rabka-Zdrój is located in the Małopolska Province, in Nowy Targ County. Two important communication routes meet in the town: the one from Cracow to Zakopane and the one from Bielsko-Biała to Nowy Sącz. From the north, Rabka borders on the commune of Lubień, from the east – of Mszana Dolna, from the south – of Nowy Targ and from the east – of Raba Wyżna. Geographically, Rabka is situated at the foot of Gorce at the height of 550 m above sea level, at the estuary of the Poniczanka and Słonka Rivers to the Raba River. The latter is the biggest local watercourse (it is 131.9 kilometers long) and is a right-bank tributary of Vistula.



Jakub Podczaszy, Jacek Jastrzębski /

Dom kolonii izraelickiej w Rabce | nieznany

It is difficult to determine when exactly Jews started to settle in Rabka. It is known that between the second half of the 16th century (when a Roman Catholic parish was established in the town) and the 19th century the town was religiously homogenous. During this period, there were no bigger towns or significant trade routes in Rabka's vicinity, which made it unattractive for Jewish people, who at the time lived mostly off trade. According to various researchers, Jews did not come to Rabka until the second half of the 19th century, but records show that in 1827, the town had six Jewish inhabitants, who were most probably a single family.

The local parish books document a conversion of one of the members of said family. More




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