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Polska / lubuskie

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Province:lubuskie / inne (before 1939)
County:żarski / Rothenburg (Ob. Laus.) (before 1939)
Community:Przewóz / Priebus (before 1939)
Other names:Priebus [j. niemiecki]
51.4796° N / 14.9516° E
51°28'46" N / 14°57'05" E


Olga Skorupka

The village of Przewóz, a seat of Przewóz commune, is located in Żarski administrative district in Lubuskie province. The village lies on Nysa Łużycka river.


Local history

Historical tradition of Przewóz has its source in the times of the Piast Dynasty. At the turn of Xth and XIth century there used to be a defensive settlement protecting the crossing on the Nysa river. That is why the city was named Przewóz, which in Polish stands for “transporting goods or people over a barrier, terrain, river etc.” Surrounding area often served as a battleground for Poles, Germans and the Czech in the times of early Piast Dynasty. In the year 1000 the emperor Otto III crossed Przewóz on his way to the tomb of Saint Adalbert. During the second half of XIIth. century Przewóz area came under the rule of the duke Przemek Żagański. In the meantime, a city-like settlement had developed in the vicinity of the defensive settlement. Medieval city layout was adjusted to the trading route passing through the area. The city was surrounded with walls that enclosed city’s architecture in the shape of a rectangle. There used to be two gates at the entrances to the city- Źagańska Gate and Nyska Gate. The defense system was complemented by a  wide and deep moat. Remains of the ancient city fortifications can be still seen today. Przewóz often changed proprietors.At first it was a part of Lusatia, then from 1303 it belonged to Aksończyk Family from Brandenburg. In the years 1311-1945 Przewóz had city rights. In 1346 the city became a fief of Frideric Biberstein. It had been under a rule of the Duke of Świdnica Bolek II, as his life tenure. The rule of the city was taken over by the Luxembourg Dynasty in 1368. In 1413 the city was purchased by Duke I of Żagań. Consequently, it became a part of his duchy. After his death the duchy was divided between his sons- Jan II and Waclaw, who received Przewóz and Balthasar and Rudolf, who owned Żagań and Nowogród. As a result, there arose a conflict between the brothers. Jan II began to fight with Balthasar and Rudolf over Żagań and Nowogród. In order to gain Żagań Jan II made an agreement with the king of the Czech – Jerzy , who gave Żagań to Jan II as a royal fief. In 1467 Balthasar started a military campaign against Jan II and took the city. The war between the brothers lasted till 1472. In the beginning of may of that year John II commenced the siege of Żagań. As the legend has it, Balthasar was taken captive and transported to Przewóz and kept in a tower at the command of Jan II. Duke Jan



Olga Skorupka

XIVth century city walls, gothic church from XVIIIth century and a Hunger Tower from XVIIIth century are the places worth seeing in Przewóz.



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