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Local history

Tomasz Kawski

The oldest record of Ożarowo dates back to 1414. It was a princely village, and later on, a royal one. Since the end of the 16th century, Ożarowo was the lease of, and a source of financial income for, the Warsaw Starosts (elders). In 1821, there were 32 houses and 257 people in the village.

Ożarowo’s development was initated with the setting up of a glasshouse (1901) and station of the Warsaw-Kalisz railway (1903) in the neighboring village of Franciszków. In the Interwar Period (1918 – 1939), 450 people were employed in the glasshouse. In 1926, a cable factory was built near the railway.

In September 1939, there was fierce fighting between the Polish and German armies in the neighborhood of Ożarów, resulting in the deaths of 1000 soldiers. In 1944, after the collapse of the Uprising, the surrender of Warsaw was signed in Ożarów.

After World War II, the settlement’s population grew significantly, in part due to its proximity to Warsaw. In 1957 Ożarów and Franciszków joined, forming the Ożarów-Franciszków housing estate. In 1961, Ołarzewo and Kolonia were merged. In 1967, the settlement was granted a town charter and its name was changed to Ożarów Mazowiecki. Nowadays, the town is an industrial centre Geographic and administrative location

Up until the 18th century – the Kingdom of Poland, the Duchy of Masovia (fiefdom incorporated to Poland in 1526), Masovian Province

1795 – 1807 Prussia, South Prussia

1807 – 1815 the Duchy of Warsaw, Warsaw Department

1815 – 1918 Russia (the Kingdom of Poland), Masovian Province, Warsaw Guberniya, Warsaw County, then Góra Kalwaria County (1867 – 1918)

1918 – 1939 Poland, Warsaw Province, Warsaw County

1939 – 1945 Germany, General Gouvernement, Warsaw District, Warsaw County

1945 – 1998 Warsaw Province

Since 1999 – Masovian Province, Warsaw West County

Town/village population:

Second half of the 16th century – around 200, 1821 – 257, 1939 – 1700, 1945 – 2750, 1961 – 5752, 2000 – 7300



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