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Polska / opolskie

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Province:opolskie / inne (before 1939)
County:namysłowski / Namslau (before 1939)
Community:Świerczów / Namslau (before 1939)
Other names:Städtel [j. niemiecki]
50.9463° N / 17.7759° E
50°56'46" N / 17°46'33" E


Adam Marczewski

The village of Miejsce is situated in Namysłów county, in the Opole province.



Adam Marczewski

A Jewish community existed in Miejsce from 1657. In 1772 the Jewish cemetery was established. Around 1780 the wooden synagogue was built. In 1845, 241 Jews lived in the village, accounting for the 30% of the population. The subsequent years were marked by growing migration from Miejsce. In 1890 the shrinking Jewish community of Miejsce was included in the community of Namysłów. At the turn of the twentieth century the majority of Jews from Miejsce migrated to the West. As a result, by 1925 there were only 10 Jews left in Miejsce. The Jewish community of Miejsce ceased to exist at the beginning of the twentieth century.


Local history

Adam Marczewski

The first mentions of the village of Miejsce come from 1294. From 1348 the area became a Bohemian fiefdom. In 1526 the village, as a part of Silesia, fell under Habsburg rule. From 1742 the village belonged to Prussia.

In January 1945 the area was seized by Soviet troops.





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