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Among the prisoners kept in the POW camp in Lambinowice were many Jews and citizens of various countries.


Local history

Adam Marczewski

First mention of Lambinowice comes from 1273. In 1327 Duke Wladyslaw Bytomski paid homage to the King of Czechia and from that moment Łambinowice was ruled by Czech including Silesia. In 1526 the King of Czech and Hungary, Ludwik II Jagiellończyk, died without an heir . The right to the throne was given to the Austrian archduke Ferdinand Habsburg and it was under these circumstances that the Habsburg family ruled in Lambinowice. In 1742 Lambinowice was joined to Prussia. In 1864 the authorities of Prussia created a POW camp in the local area and placed 3,000 French POWs there.

During WWI about 90,000 POWs from entente countries were kept here. On 26 August 1939 the Nazi created the next POW camp in Lambinowice. The first transport of Polish prisoners arrived there 5 September 1939 (980 soldiers and officers). A total number of 300,000 prisoners were interned in the camp, including 200, 000 Soviet prisoners. The number of those murdered is estimated at about 40,000. In March 1945 Lambinowice was taken over by the Soviet troops.

2,800 citizens live in the village (2006).


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