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Local history

Miłosz Gudra /

The first records of the town date back to 1354. During this time it was a village called in the Czech language Lipolitov and later – Chudoba. In the 17th century medicinal waters were discovered there. The first bath facilities were constructed in 1636. Apart from that, the  weaving trade  developed in Kudowa.

In 1783 the health resort was bought by a group of doctors who wanted to develop it. As a result, in 1795, new bath facilities and an hotel were constructed. In 1798 the Unity of the Brethren established a church on Chapel Hill.  The growth of the spa was accompanied by the development of iron metallurgy.

In 1813 Kudowa Zdrój became the property of the Governor General of Silesia – the count von Götzen. Thanks to him the park and the promenade were built in 1813. The railroad in Kudowa Zdrój was established in 1905.

In 1945, following a dispute between  Poland and Czechoslovakia  over  the ownership of the town,  Kudowa Zdrój became part of Poland and in the same year it was granted city status.



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