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Krosno Odrzańskie

Polska / lubuskie

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Province:lubuskie / inne (before 1939)
County:krośnieński / krośnieński (before 1939)
Community:Krosno Odrzańskie / Krosno Odrzańskie (before 1939)
Other names:Crossen an der Oder [j.niemiecki]
52.0424° N / 15.1062° E
52°02'32" N / 15°06'22" E


Małgorzata Grzenda /

Synagoga w Krośnie Odrzańskim | nieznany

Krosno Odrzańskie is situated about 35 km to north-west from Zielona Góra (Grünberg). In the town a small Jewish Commune acted. They possessed their own synagogue at Brauhausgasse. The building was destroyed in 1938.


          • KLAUS-DIETER ALICKE, Lexikon der jüdischen Gemeinden im deutschen Sprachraum, Munich 2008.



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