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Polska / małopolskie

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Province:małopolskie / kieleckie (before 1939)
County:proszowicki / pińczowski (before 1939)
Community:Koszyce / Koszyce (before 1939)
Other names:Koszyce [j. niemiecki]
50.1702° N / 20.5789° E
50°10'12" N / 20°34'44" E


Krzysztof Urbański /

Koszyce – a village in southern Poland, in Małopolskie Province, in Proszowice County. It lies 21 km east of Proszowice, 53 km north – east of Kraków, 283 km south of Warsaw.




Krzysztof Urbański

The first Jews settled in Koszyce in the 1780s . In 1827 there were 24 Jews, which accounted for 4% of the population. In the first half of the nineteenth century, Jews were forbidden to settle in Koszyce due to the proximity of the frontier zone. This situation changed in 1862, in the subsequent years there was an influx of Judaism followers to the town . The organization of the community occurred at the end of the nineteenth century, when the prayer house, mikvah, cemetery and cheder were established. The slaughterhouse was located in a building called the “szlachthauz” at the today’s Krótka Street on the stream of Goczałka. In 1889 the rabbi was Mordka Icek Moszek Stash with a salary of 250 rubles. From 1906, this post was held by Chaim Majer Cinnamon. In the first half of the ninetieth century the Kupczyk family bought the estate located 2 km from Koszyce. After the end of World War I, in the late 1920s , most of the agricultural land in Poland was divided among the Polish peasants. About 100 acres of land and a mill on the banks of the River Szreniawa were left to the Kubczyk family. After the war, three Jewish families: Friedrich, Blatt and Sercez bought that farm for recreation purposes. In the absence of the owners the Jewish family from Koszyce took care of the farm . During the interwar period, Koszyce was an urban settlement in Filipowice municipality, Pińczów County. In 1921 the total of 678 Jews lived there, which constituted 46% of the total population. Beginning from 1919 the collection of taxes from the merchants, craftsmen and farmers in Koszyce began. These actions were based on their documented monthly cash transactions (in marks): • Sulima Fink 25 000 • Ajdla Chęcińska 30 000 • Szymon Gertler 25 000 • Abram Klajnsztajn 50 000 • Abiś Lewenszyajn 50 000 • Bencjan Lutas 50 000 • Szmul Łazenga 15 000 • Zelman Obarzański 50 000 • Moedka Nowotny 50 000 • Bronisław Pęczalski 5 000 • Moszek Rafałowicz 300 000 • Abram Srebrnik 50 000 • Szlama Zyngier 10 000 • Pejtach Zigmunt 30 000 • Gerszon Frydlewicz 25 000 • Lejzor Frydlewicz 100 000 • Nachman Bodensztajn 50 000 • Abram Wajstrot 50 000 • The mill in Koszyce 200 000 The economic situation of Koszyce was good. Trade continued to develop, dozens of stores selling various products op




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