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Jawornik Polski

Polska / podkarpackie

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Province:podkarpackie / lwowskie (before 1939)
County:przeworski / przeworski (before 1939)
Community:Jawornik Polski / Jawornik Polski (before 1939)
Other names:Jawornik Polski [j. niemiecki]
49.8906° N / 22.2887° E
49°53'26" N / 22°17'19" E


Gedeon /

Jawornik Polski - a village in south-eastern Poland, in Podkarpackie Province, Przeworsk County. Situated 29 km south-west from Przeworsk, 34 km south-east from Rzeszów, 330 km south-west from Warsaw.




Jews would have settled in Jawornik Polski at the beginning of the 18th century. In 1760 there were 40 Jews in the town and they belonged to the Dynów kahal. In 1785, 57 Jews lived in Jawornik, while towards the end of the 18th century, there were 96 Jews in a total population of 1,151. At that time, Jews from Jawornik belonged to the Tyczyn kahal.

In 1835, there were only 80 Jews living in the area of the whole Roman-Catholic parish in Jawornik. In 1870, there were only 736 inhabitants of Jawornik, and, as it turned out, the town had no chances for development. Towards the end of the 19th century, there were around 100 Jews living there, while in 1921 this number was 155. They had a small and modest wooden synagogue. In the interwar period, a country club of the Jewish Agricultural Society was active in the town.

In May 1942, nine Jews were shot in the local cemetery, which was called “okopowisko” by the locals. In June, a ghetto was established there for Jews from Jawornik and the neighboring villages. In August 1942, the SS and the police shot six Jews in the cemetery who were hiding outside of the ghetto. In the same year, the Nazis murdered nine Poles in neighboring Hadle Szklarskie, who had been helping the Jews to hide, and whose names were revealed by the captured Jewish woman. Seven Jews who were hiding in the woods were also shot there.




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