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Polska / łódzkie

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Province:łódzkie / łódzkie (before 1939)
County:zgierski / (before 1939)
Community:Głowno / (before 1939)
Other names:
51.9644° N / 19.7154° E
51°57'52" N / 19°42'55" E


Izrael Badacz

The town of Głowno lies in the Zgierski County in the Łódź province. It has 15 500 citizens (1998). It lies on the Łowicko- Błońska Plane by the banks of the Mroga and Mrożyca Rivers.



Izrael Badacz

In 1730 the current owner of the town, Baltazar Ciecierski, brought Jews into Głowno hoping they would help develop the town's trade and craft economy. In 1793 there were 198 Jews living in Głowno who constituted 62% of the town's population. In 1822 an independent Jewish kehilla was formed and had its own synagogue and mikvah. In 1827 there were 784 Jews living in Głowno which constituted 77% of the towns population. In 1848 a fire in the town destroyed the synagogue but another one was built before 1881. In 1857 there were 1,237 Jews in Głowno (76% of the general population).

During the interwar period, in 1921, there were 1,430 Jews living in Głowno constituting 59% of the general population. On May 31, 1936 there was a serious anti-Semitic uproar in Głowno.

During Word War II, in May 1940 the Germans created a ghetto in Głowno where over five thousand six hundred Jews were gathered. Two thousand seven hundred Jews from Konstantynów Łódzki, Brzeziny, Zgierz i Aleksandrów Łódzki were brought here. In March 1941 all the Jews were taken to the ghetto in Warsaw.


Local history

Izrael Badacz

Głowno, Łowicka St. | Jerzy Łapo

The town was formed in the 15th century. In 1427 Głowno received town rights. In 1504 a huge fire destroyed the city. In 1656 the town was destroyed by the Swedish army.

After the Second Partition of Poland in 1793 Głowno fell under the rule of Prussia. As of 1807 the town belonged to the Duchy of Warsaw and in 1815 it joined Congress Poland.

In 1869 the Tsar revoked Głowno’s town rights.

During World War I the town was largely ruined by artillery fire.

In the interwar period, in 1925 Głowno’s town rights were restored. At the time the town became famous as a vacation resort.

During Word War II, in September 1939, battles between Polish forces and the German army took place not far from Głowno. Polish guerilla forces were active around Głowno. In January 1945 the town was freed by Soviet forces.


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