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Polska / łódzkie

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Province:łódzkie / łódzkie (before 1939)
County:brzeziński / brzeziński (before 1939)
Community:Brzeziny / Brzeziny (before 1939)
Other names:Brezin [jidysz]; בז'זיני [j. hebrajski]; Brzezin Lowenstadt (od 1939 do 1945 [j. niemiecki]
51.8001° N / 19.7507° E
51°48'00" N / 19°45'02" E


Kamila Klauzińska

Brzeziny – a town in central Poland, district capital in Łódzkie Province. It is located 25 km east of the centre of Łódź, 112 km south-east of Warsaw, by the Mrożyca river.



K. Bielawski

piece of the town | Kamila Klauzińska

The earliest mention of the Jewish settlements in Brzeziny dates back yo the mid-16th century. Jewish Street is mentioned in the document from 1547 . Jerzy Kołodziej assumes that at least several dozen Jews lived in Brzeziny at that time. They propably traded in wool, cloth, and worked in job centres . In the 16th century, Jews from Brzeziny were subject to Jewish Community Co-operative in Łęczyca .

In 1626, there supposedly was a pogrom in Brzeziny. Five Jews were killed, as a result of alleged ritual murder accusations. Another pogrom took place probably in 1656, when troops of Stefan Czarnecki murdered about 40 Jewish families. According to Paweł Fijałkowski, the number of people who perished was probably higher, and among the victims were also refugees from other towns . The author assumes that the Jewish community in Brzeziny was revived before the end of the 17th century .

A preserved document from 1736 mentions local Jewish citizens;  it refers to the trial against the town, initiated by the Łęczyckie Province because of non-payment of taxes . The further information comes from 1741. It mentiones Joseph Marklowicz and Joseph Pellitor. More detailed background information comes from 1758, and relates to tenancy agreements between the owner of the city Joseph Lasocki and Hersz from Brzeziny, Joseph Markowicz, Mejer Lewkowicz and Izrael Kuciński. . The first census of the Jewish population was conducted on 15 December 1764. It reported 203 people of the Jewish faith, residing in the town and surrounding villages. They comprised 7% of the total population of the region. At that time, the Jews occupied 25 houses in the town.

The census of 1764 also includes information about professional activity of the Jews. The following members of the Jewish community are listed: Mosiek Gierszowicz – a snuff maker, Jakub Jolewicz – a market tenant in the town of Brzeziny, Mortka Mortkowicz – a bagel seller, Józef Abramowicz – a tailor, Zelig Lewkowicz – a butcher, Szloma Lewkowicz – a hatter, Icek Lajzerowicz – a tavern- keeper, and Enoch Judkowicz – a beer maker. The Jews who inhabited the surrounding villages: Wiączynie, Mileszki, Bedoń, Witkowice, Przanowice, Koluszki, Kędziorki, Stawki and the mill Rochna, also belonged to the Jewish Community Co-operative in Brzeziny. All told, there were 40 Jews li


Miastem zaopiekowali się:

Fay R. Bussgang

In memory of my father, Joseph Vogel, born 1890 in Brzeziny as Hersz Bursztajn. To commemorate the town in which he was born, I edited and coordinated the translation from Yiddish into English of the Brzeziny Yizkor Book. I have recently formatted the English translation, which is now available through as part of the Yizkor Books in Print Project of JewishGen, Inc.



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