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Polska / łódzkie

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Province:łódzkie / łódzkie (before 1939)
County: / (before 1939)
Community: / (before 1939)
Other names:Brezin [jidysz]
Lowenstadt [j. niemiecki] (od 1939 do 1945)
51.8001° N / 19.7507° E
51°48'00" N / 19°45'02" E


Kamila Klauzińska

The town is located in Brzeziny County, Łódzkie Province, on the river Mrożyca. 



Kamila Klauzińska

part of the town | Kamila Klauzińska

 The town of Brzeziny was not granted the privilege <i>de non tolerandis Judaeis, </i>therefore the place of residence of Jews was not limited. The oldest preserved historical record about the Jewish settlement in the town dates back to 1736. It is a document of a trial for failure to pay taxes against the town – the action was instituted by Łęczyckie Province. The document mentions some Jewish townsmen. Further information is from 1741 and mentions Józef Marklowicz and Józef Pellitor. More details are found in documents dated 1758 and they are related to rental agreements between the owner of the town Józef Lasocki and Hersz from Brzeziny, Józef Markowicz, Mejer Lewkowicz and Izrael Kuciński. The first census of the Jewish people was made on 15 December 1764. It registered 203 people of the Mosaic faith who were settled in the town of Brzeziny and surrounding villages. They accounted for 8% of the total population of the Brzeziny area. At that time Jews occupied 25 houses in the town. 

The census of 1764 also includes information about professional activity of the Jews. The following are listed: Mosiek Gierszowicz – a snuff maker, Jakub Jolewicz – a market tenant in the town of Brzeziny, Mortka Mortkowicz – a bagel seller, Józef Abramowicz – a tailor, Zelig Lewkowicz – a butcher, Szloma Lewkowicz – a hatter, Icek Lajzerowicz – a tavern- keeper, and Enoch Judkowicz – a beer maker.

The Jews who inhabited the surrounding villages: Wiączynie, Mileszki, Bedoń, Witkowice, Przanowice, Koluszki, Kędziorki, Stawki and the mill Rochna, also belonged to the Brzeziny kahal. Altogether there were 40 Jews living in the neighbouring villages. 

10 years later a significant decrease of the Jewish population was observed in the town. 16 houses were occupied by only 132 people of the Mosaic faith.

The growth in the number of the Jewish population up to 162 persons was not noted in the town of Brzeziny until the 1790s. After the January Uprising a considerable influx of the Jewish population occurred. In 1886 this community comprised 3313 people, i.e. 46.4% of the total population. In 1893 Jews constituted half of the town population. Their main occupations were cattle trade and clothes sale in the local fairs, while in the town Jews ran shops. The


Miastem zaopiekowali się:

Fay R. Bussgang

In memory of my father, Joseph Vogel, born 1890 in Brzeziny as Hersz Bursztajn. To commemorate the town in which he was born, I edited and coordinated the translation from Yiddish into English of the Brzeziny Yizkor Book. I have recently formatted the English translation, which is now available through as part of the Yizkor Books in Print Project of JewishGen, Inc.

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