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Polska / łódzkie

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Province:łódzkie / inne (before 1939)
County:bełchatowski / piotrkowski (before 1939)
Community:Bełchatów / Bełchatów (before 1939)
Other names:Belchatow [j. jidysz]; Belchental [j. niemiecki]
51.3687° N / 19.3568° E
51°22'07" N / 19°21'24" E


Karolina Klauzińska /

Bełchatów – a city in central Poland, in Łódź Province, capital od Bełchatów County. It is located 54 km south of Łódź and 161 km southwest of Warsaw, by the Rakówka river.



Izrael Badacz

Jewish tombstone designers | not known

The first Jewish settlers came in 1764. In 1824 a wooden synagogue was built on Ewangelicka Street and later rebuilt with stone in 1893.

In 1860 there were 1,139 Jews living in Bełchatów which constituted 76% of the town's general population. In 1890 there were around two thousand Jews living in Bełchatów which constituted 77% of the general population.  In 1897 there were 2,987 Jews living in Bełchatów. In the interwar period, in 1921, there were 3,688 Jews living in Bełchatów which constituted 59% of the general population. In 1925 Bełchatów reclaimed its town rights. Out of 25 members of the Town Council 13 were Jewish.

In March 1941 the Germans declared Bełchatów to be a “Jewish city” (Judische Stadt) where around 5,5 thousand Jews were gathered. In August 1942 the Germans liquidated the ghetto. Around 500 Jews were deported to work in the ghetto in Łódź , the remaining 5,000 were taken to the extermination camp in Chełmno nad Nerem.


Local history

Izrael Badacz

The first mention of Bełchatów can be dated back to 1391. In 1617 a Franciscan monastery was built here. In 1743 Bełchatów received town rights.

After the II Partition of Poland Bełchatów became part of Prussia. In 1801 the first textile manufacture was started after which the textile industry developed fast.
In 1807 Bełchatów joined the Duchy of Warsaw and in 1815 became part of Congress Poland.

During the January Uprising in 1863 a few skirmishes between the insurgents and the Russian forces took place near Bełchatów. In 1869 the Tsar revoked Bełchatów’s town rights.

During World War I the town was taken over by German forces.

The city was incorporated in to the so called “Warta Region”. In January 1945 Bełchatów was freed by the Soviet forces.



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