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"School of Dialogue" – an educational programme of the Forum for Dialogue Among Nations


Translator name :Albert Gradek

"School Of Dialogue" (Polish: Szkoła Dialogu) is an educational programme, created and run by the Forum for Dialogue Among Nations (Polish: Forum Dialogu Między Narodami) which aims at broadening the knowledge that students have about the presence of Jews in Poland over the centuries and their influence on social, cultural and economic development of our country. As part of the programme, its young participants, who are supervised by Forum's educators, explore the pre-war history of Jews, who used to reside in places the young people live today, and then, on their own, prapare projects that commemorate the communities. 

"School of Dialogue", which had its first edition in 2008 was organised in Warsaw schools. Since 2009, School of Dialogue-Warsaw (Polish: Szkoła Dialogu-Warszawa) has been conducted together with its sister project School of Dialogue-Poland (Polish: Szkoła Dialogu-Polska) which engages young people from places with rich Jewish history. Students from secondary schools and third-year students of junior secondary schools are invited to participate in the programme. For more information go to our website at:

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