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The labor camp in Sajczyce

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During World War II the Nazis created a labor camp for Jews in nearby Sajczyce, which extended over an area of 140m x 60m. At first, there were only Polish Jews in the ghetto but later on Jews from Czechoslovakia also.

Approximately 1,500 people worked in the camp during the war. The prisoners worked to ameliorate the Uherka River. There were two workshops, a tailor’s and shoemaker’s, in the camp. Although there was no hospital, there was a doctor from Chełm - Molberger. Twelve Jews were executed there, some of whom were buried at the Jewish cemetery in Sawin. The camp was closed down in the winter of 1942/43. Jews still in the camp were deported to Sobibór, concentration camp. Today no trace of the labor camp in Sawin remains.

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