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Synagogue, Żydowska street

Heritage Sites – Synagogues, prayer houses and others
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The oldest information about the synagogue in Sandomierz goes back to 1418. In 1647 a fire on Żydowska Street destroyed the synagogue. Already that year the Jews received a permission for building a new synagogue. In 1656 John II Casimir Vasa gave all the real estate belonging to the Jews of Sandomierz to the town authorities, probably punishing the Jewish community for the collaboration with the Swedish invaders. However, already in 1658 the king allowed the Jews to rebuild their district in Sandomierz. In 1686 the synagogue burned down due to a fire. Two years later the Jews were granted a consent of the town office to rebuild the synagogue. The synagogue erected then was partially destroyed during the fire of the town in 1711. In 1712 as the consequence of charges against the Jews of Sandomierz of ritual murders King Augustus II demanded that the synagogue be transformed into a Roman Catholic chapel. However, the order was not probably implemented. The synagogue of Sandomierz burned down again in 1758. Then the Jews were granted a permission to construct a new synagogue whose building has existed until today. During WW II it was devastated by the Germans. Currently, the synagogue is located at 4 Żydowska Street. The State Archives in Sandomierz is situated in that building now .[1.1] Jewish bathrooms operated in Sandomierz form the 17th century.

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